Wondered how various oils work on your specific hair type and scalp type? And if what will work best for your hair in terms of growing thicker and healthier hair?

We have reviewed and rated the top known oils in the world and put them on a chart for you to view and decide what will likely work for you.

Below is a summary of the most effective oils that can be used for helping hair growth:


CREDIT: TX22 Oil for Hair Research Team – Germany

The oils were tested by 300 participants from ages 18-65 – each oil had 300 individuals who have suffered some level of hair loss and thinning, and wish to induce hair growth or help with their condition of hair.

Results were measured based on hair density that was increased after a period of 350 days of daily application onto the scalp manually – as well as if any hair texture was improved (as hair loss or reduced hair quality is also defined by our team as dull brittle hair).

It was agreed that all the above oils except the placebo version, were generally worth using for hair growth – although there were differences in improvement in hair growth, and there was no racial difference in terms of results, as mixed races (all races) all used wild growth hair oil, as well as the other oils listed above.