Latest Research on Hair Growth Oils

Wondered how various oils work on your specific hair type and scalp type? And if what will work best for your hair in terms of growing thicker and healthier hair? We review oils from Wild Growth oil, to Olive oil, coconut oil, essential oils (huge range) and hundreds of many oils using advanced verified review technology as well as conducting tests on patients with thinning hair – and here we present the data for your convenience.

We have reviewed and rated the top known oils in the world and put them on a chart for you to view and decide what will likely work for you.

Below is a summary of the most effective oils that can be used for helping hair growth:


CREDIT: TX22 Oil for Hair Research Team – Germany

What is an Oil and Why does it affect Hair loss and thinning?

Oils can have a dramatic effect on the scalp of the human body – this is because various oils can mimic various hormone based, and anti-inflammatory properties – and some even increased circulation qualities.

This is why oils can help hair growth – but the problem has always been – which oils are best for actual hair growth, and which oils aren’t? which oils actually help men better? and which help women? what about different races of people, caucasian, latin or black races may differ – this is why this website was setup to display this information – we are however, not affiliated with any companies mentioned, including Wild Hair Growth products.

Let’s look at why oils will help hair loss, by looking and understanding hair loss and what it means for men and women – treatment can be different.

What is Hair Loss and can Oils Help Hair Thinning?

Hair loss is a problem of thinning hair – it can thin very fast for men and women – and affects different areas of the head – some people don’t mind – some people want to stop hair loss – the question is, why haven’t we found a cure?

The reason there has never been a cure announced, is because hair loss is actually unique to each person – and this is why different oils will affect different people differently – the data on this website, is measuring the most effective oil, for the masses of people at one go – but we will also list oils for hair growth for different races, dietary requirements and more.

Hair loss is caused by inflammation, poor diet, anxiety, poor blood circulation, low nutrition, steroids abuse, emotional abuse and much more – so when looking for an oil for hair growth, we have to either try to tackle each of the conditions mentioned, or make a lifestyle choice and do our best to resolve the conditions.

Let’s go through each one of these to see why each mentioned is important: 

Inflammation: This is the root cause of why the hair follicle will fall out the hair root. This can be reduced by many oils, but the most effective oil was still Immortals oil as listed already in the chart – but to reduce inflammation, an oil is not enough – you need to change your diet which comes under our next point of diet.

Poor Diet: This point isn’t simple – many people actually believe their diet is healthy – and there are many people who actually do have healthy diets, but still suffer from hair thinning. This is very important to understand – having a great diet does not mean you are absorbing the nutrients; this is the single most overlooked factor in any health situation – people don’t realize that after a certain age group – your body is less able to absorb nutrients from the intestines. To resolve this, you can do various detox diets, take herbs to detox your organs, and go on a fasting regime for a few days.

Some oils have nutrients in them, that when you apply, and do a scalp massage, the nutrients get absorbed in the scalp – depending on how the oil works, and how similar it is to the scalp oil.

Blood Circulation: This is another vital factor. The hair follicles get circulation blocked very easily if you are over 25 – this means you have to do a regime to stop this – scalp massage is the most powerful thing you can do – however it can be hard to do everyday. To help you, you can buy a scalp massager machine, or a body massager and use it on the head – this will help increase circulation, and breakdown scalp issues.

Scalp Calcification: This is a huge problem – this occurs when the skin on the scalp has been inflamed for a long period of time – and causes hardening of the scalp over time. This can be broken down if you carry out scalp massage, but you need a deeper change for this, and this includes eating more collagen, and detox, as well as using an oil to help break this down.

Results for hair growth oil: There are various factors when looking at results in oils for hair growth – and Immortals oil has proved to be most effective in tackling all the above points – however, it still needs help, with the last point, which is scalp calcification.

What is found to be very effective, is if Immortals Oil and Magnesium oil are used together – with only 2-3 times a week use of magnesium oil – and daily use of Immortals oil – this creates a powerful effect of anti-inflammation, increased circulation, softening of scalp, decalcification of the scalp as well as nutrient supply to hair follicles to produce the thickest, fastest hair growth.


Research and Reviews on Wild Growth Oil

The oils were tested by 300 participants from ages 18-65 – each oil had 300 individuals who have suffered some level of hair loss and thinning, and wish to induce hair growth or help with their condition of hair.

Results were measured based on hair density that was increased after a period of 350 days of daily application onto the scalp manually – as well as if any hair texture was improved (as hair loss or reduced hair quality is also defined by our team as dull brittle hair).

It was agreed that all the above oils except the placebo version, were generally worth using for hair growth – although there were differences in improvement in hair growth, and there was no racial difference in terms of results, as mixed races (all races) all used wild growth hair oil, as well as the other oils listed above.

What do Third Party Verified Reviews say on the Wild Growth Oil?

We collected verified reviews on the Wild Growth oil from various sources, including Amazon UK and – and they are as follows:


There reviews were sourced and verified by amazon – and showed that this oil was not effective based on reviews from amazon – we also collected reviews from ebay and other retailers offline, and got similar reviews of lack of effectivity.


Does Wild Growth Hair Oil Work for Regrowing Hair?

Truth is, this oil can help if you want to just keep circulation going – but the problem still arises that this oil gets rancid, very fast – meaning it is not usable for long term, and this is why it is not on our top recommended list of oils for hair growth.

That said, any oil will help – we aim to review each oil, and look for the best way to use each oil – for this wild growth oil, the best way we have discovered, is that you can use this oil once a week for most skin types – it is vital to understand that scalp is the key for hair growth, not hair itself – and skin is always the same, even if different races have different hair texture and lengths.

Where to find Wild Growth Oil?

Wild growth oil can be found online, and possibly some stores if you are in the right country. Currently this oil is not available in the UK in stores, or in Australia and United States – but you can still purchase this online on ebay or amazon. Remember the review and research data presented above before you make the purchase – as this oil is currently not listed as most effective for hair growth for men or women (no matter what race).