Increase Hair Growth Rate by 50% in 4 Weeks

There are powerful and natural ways to increase hair growth rate – but we admit, it is not an easy task to understand this complex topic of hair thinning in men and women – the whole reason we are creating this post, is to help you understand, so you can make the decision best suited for your body.

Hair thinning occurs and happens for many reasons – even genetic hair thinning itself is not fully understood, as sometimes it gets activated, and sometimes, it stays dormant – and for this reason, it is not possible to make a cure all fix – but it still is possible to fix at an individual level, which requires an indepth look at your lifestyle, and your previous health conditions.

This means – if you have diabetes – you are more likely to suffer from hair loss – even if you are borderline diabetic (many remain undiagnosed, so you may not even know you are borderline) – as Sugar levels affect hair growth very directly – especially in eastern medicine – it is the best way to loose hair, eat more sugar! (Sugar means, all sugar, including fat, carbs, fruit sugar, non-fruit sugar and everything that tastes like sugar even slightly – such as sugar replacements).

So, how can you increase hair growth by at least 50%?

We already know that Minoxidil is talked about a lot in the medical industry as the only thing proven to help hair growth (whilst this is true on a temporary basis, we do not recommend taking this – please keep reading).

The way minoxidil works, is known, but sites like this, try to confuse people by stating the exact way is not known – because a simple alternative then becomes obvious – increased circulation can be achieved by scalp massage for example, and this will not be ideal for sales for minoxidil.

It is known that minoxidil started of as a heart disease drug for internal use – and its purpose was to increase vessels size so that more blood can pass – this applied topically proved to have some effect on hair growth – whilst it did not last – they still categorized it as a hair growth product.

The secret to hair growth is really regular scalp massage. 

Bonus: If you avoid sugar and sexual activity for a month – you will see a stronger result in how much better your hair will grow.

Wild Growth Hair Oil – The Missing link?

There have been a lot of misconceptions of oils and hair growth in the last few years within the hair growth industry. People seem to think that growing thicker hair is easy, and wait until their hair loss is really serious before doing anything about it – as long as they are comfortable, they won’t do anything about it.

Yes the wild growth hair oil is marketed to the african community, but it can be used for all races – the human body still is the same, even if the race is different, does not change the actual functions of the body – so why market it to one community? because it sells, that’s why.

We have still an ongoing investigation and research in oils for hair growth – please see homepage for more details and the most effective products for hair growth – including speeding up hair growth rate.